Shannon Holland
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Wise River Wealth Management
1421 Pine Ridge Rd., Suite 300
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Shannon Holland is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ who specializes in divorce financial planning and investment advisory services for women.

He has many years of experience and an interdisciplinary knowledge of divorce and the financial issues that surround life transitions. Shannon understands these changes and brings clarity to complicated marital property and complex compensation issues in the divorce process.

He credits his ability to help his clients separate the present from the past and set the standards for the future. The son of an Air Force non-commissioned officer, Shannon was born in Guam and raised in Maine, California and Virginia. He holds a BA degree from Virginia Tech, a Masters in Engineering from Old Dominion University and an MBA from the College of William and Mary. He served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves and draws on the strength of this military background to help preserve his clients’ assets, alleviate fear of the future and pro-actively take steps to plan.

Shannon began his career in financial services at Wachovia Securities in 2002 and joined Raymond James in 2008. It is his goal to educate and encourage women to understand all financial options and to be involved in the financial decision-making process. Shannon not only guides his clients through the pros and cons of every financial decision during the divorce process, but also teaches them the basics of handling money and assets. He works closely with each client to provide sensitive, compassionate and personalized service, with the promise of maximum confidentiality.

With practical business knowledge and a track record of leadership and integrity, Shannon works closely with and guides clients to assure they take care of themselves financially during times of transition. After the initial consultation, he works with clients to create a plan, develop a budget, divide property, update beneficiary forms, define insurance needs, consolidate family assets, consider future taxes and calculate alimony, child support and standard of living values. Most importantly, he will follow through to achieve accurate, equitable solutions and define investment strategies for his clients.

Shannon seeks to empower women to gainfully transition, achieve and maintain financial independence. He combines the analytical skills and attention to detail of an engineer with an experienced military officer’s ability to develop and maintain trust, ensuring each client fully understands their financial situation and the jointly created plan for future financial success.

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