Prather, Joseph
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Prather Behavioral Health and Counseling LLC
4712 SE 15th Ave, Suite B
Cape Coral
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Description of Practice
I am a clinical mental health counselor working as a private practitioner in Cape Coral, Florida. I am new to the area. I have experience working with children, adolescents, and their families who are struggling with an array of mental and behavioral health issues in the state of Vermont and now in Florida. I have experience in the state of Vermont completing psychosexual evaluations/risk assessments, suicide/homicide risk assessments, and other types of mental health counseling and assessment. Additionally, much of my work with clients has been with those currently or formerly going through the legal process for crimes such as sexual assault, assault, substance abuse issues, theft, etc... Much of this work includes working with the courts, DCF, and the family members of the identified client and helping them move through the court process and forward with their lives.

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